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Grow your business through Auto Rickshaw Advertising

Auto Rickshaw Advertising
Auto Rickshaw Advertising
Auto Rickshaw Advertising

Broaden your Target Audience with Auto Branding in India | Give your Brand the Competitive Edge with Auto Advertising with the Best Auto Rickshaw Branding in India

Although conventional, auto branding in India has been one of the most effective mass branding and advertising mediums. Auto rickshaws reach various parts and corners of the city. Besides, the fact that there nearly 10 lac auto rickshaws that carry millions of people every day, make auto advertising in India, and even more prominent and useful advertising medium.

As one of the most common and inexpensive mediums of advertising, many people use an auto rickshaw to commute from one place to another. It includes homemakers, school-going students, college-going students, professionals, business people, and tourists. The average travel time, considering the distance between places, signals, and the amount of traffic, is around 15-20 minutes.

These facts contribute to rickshaw branding’s significance to help brands reach various parts of the city, to the highest number of people. Alongside, as the cost of auto advertising in India is lower as compared to other mass advertising mediums, you don’t have to invest as much while creating a broader outreach for your brand.

As one of the leading auto advertising agencies in India, we help you take your brand to various parts of the city and help you reach your target audience through attractive and eye-catching auto rickshaw ads. Our qualified advertising professionals ensure that your purpose of auto ads is served.

Our advertising network spread across the city gives you the edge while advertising across every corner of the city. It is because we’ve got contacts with almost every auto rickshaw stand in the city. So, no matter your target area, we stay committed to taking your brand to various Pune regions, and that too, in an effective and affordable way.

So, don’t restrict your outreach! Connect with Prajapati Advertising and optimize your brand’s reach with the best auto branding services in India.

Why Choose Prajapati Advertising for Auto Rickshaw Advertising?

  • Cost-effective auto rickshaw ads
  • Contacts with almost every auto rickshaw stand in Pune
  • Prominent ad boards covering the auto rickshaw hood
  • A comprehensive auto rickshaw advertising strategy for optimized results.
  • Advertising banners of varying shapes and sizes for maximum onlooker attention

1.What is the success rate of an advertisement on auto branding?

Auto branding is one of the most effective mediums of advertising. In metropolitans like Pune, auto rickshaws travel around 80-90 Km every day. The number of trips that they do across various areas of the city increases the visibility of your brand, and unlike stationary advertising, your brand reaches almost every corner of the city. These factors and the impressive success rate of auto branding constitute its popularity

2. How effective is an advertisement on an auto rickshaw?

Auto rickshaw branding is among the oldest forms of advertising, right since rickshaws hit the Indian streets. It is a form of mass advertising and is cost-effective as compared to its counterparts.

Besides, factors such as the reach of rickshaws throughout the city, the distance they travel every day, the number of passengers they help commute each day, and also their presence in huge numbers throughout the city make it an effective form of advertising. Your brand goes to every pocket of the city, and which refers to increased prospects and business opportunities.

3. Who first started auto rickshaw advertisement ?

Auto rickshaw advertising has been around for decades. It is one of the oldest forms of advertising – probably as old as auto rickshaws themselves.

4. What are the advantages of auto rickshaw advertisement?

As a brand looking forward to expanding in a particular market, some of the advantages of auto rickshaw advertising include the following.

  • Lower cost per unique view
  • Higher roaming visibility – as long as 17-18 hours every day
  • Durable, and eye-catching
  • Broader exposure across various parts of the city
  • Mobile advertising medium
  • Useful in running mass advertising campaigns
  • Reaches areas where other forms of advertising may not reach or prove expensive.
  • Highly penetrative within different target segments

5. What are the auto rickshaw advertising rates?

At Prajapati, we offer competitive rates for auto rickshaw advertising. We work with companies across various industries and help them leverage auto rickshaw advertising for their brand. For more information on our auto rickshaw advertising rates, or for a quote, connect with us at +91 9922138138.

6. Which type of auto rickshaw advertising you have?

Right from manufacturing auto rickshaw advertise printing, to supplying, and further sticking auto rickshaw ads, we provide end-to-end auto rickshaw ad services.

7. Are the rates inclusive of all the taxes?

Rates are exclude of the basic rates. kindly get in touch with us for updated rates.

8.What are the sizes / dimensions for rickshaw ads?

Sizes are as required Back 40″ Wide and 17″H left & Right 18″ W X 18″H & one logo 27″X7″

Auto RIckshaw hood Sizes

Auto Rickshaw Hood Design Sizes

What design format you are required for auto rickshaw branding?

Design reuired in corel draw version below X18 or PDF / high resolution jpeg. you can send design @

How much time it will take to execute auto rickshaw advertising works?

Its depend on the work order, location and no. of rickshaw.

So, don’t limit the reach of your brand. Connect with Prajapati Advertising for the best auto advertising services in Pune, optimize the reach of your brand to create more and more business opportunities across Pune.