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Mobile Van Advertisement

Partner with Prajapati for the Best Promotional Mobile Van Advertising in PAN India and Canter Activities Advertising | Get the Best Mobile Van Advertisement Services

Mobile van advertisement is one of the oldest and also one of the most effective forms of mass advertising. Mobile van branding, as the name suggests, involves advertising a product or a service with the help of a van that roams around the intended areas, or stations itself in the catchment region.

Traditionally, mobile van advertising involved showcasing banners of the concerning product or service. Today, van advertising or outdoor advertising comprises advertising the brand on a high-end technology LED display screen. A mobile van roaming across the city or through the target areas fosters curiosity among the watchers. It also helps brands build a more extensive local outreach, and create regional awareness.

Mobile Van Advertisement
Mobile Van Advertisement
Mobile Van Advertisement
Mobile Van Advertisement

Prajapati Advertisements Promotional Mobile Van Advertising Services in India

At Prajapati Advertisements, we are a group of passionate, qualified, and experienced advertising professionals. Our years of expertise and proven track record of helping brands reach every nook and corner of the city through mobile van advertisements gives us an edge over our peers in the market.

We boast about an extensive network and access to various types of canter vehicles, mobile vans, and advertising trailers across the country. Besides, we have a strong presence across various major and satellite cities in India. It helps brands leverage the benefits of mobile van advertising services in PAN India, and thus create mass awareness within the targeted regions and cities in the country.

At Prajapati Advertisements, we don’t confine to creating brand awareness. We endeavour to help you create sustainable business opportunities through attractive and flashy displays that catch the viewer’s attention and position your brand, products and services as one of the best in the market.

8 Reasons to choose Prajapati Advertisements for Brand Promotion through Mobile Van Advertising

  1. Maximum Outreach for your Brand: We have mobile vans of varying sizes. It helps you reach every narrow lane of the city, and thus tap every possible prospect. Besides, we seek the necessary approvals to park vans in places that will optimise the outreach for your brand.
  2. Our Hoardings and LED Screens are Large and Bright Enough: Our hoardings and LED screens are large and bright enough to ensure that the viewers watch and read the ad comfortably.
  3. We travel Long Distances in a Day: Our mobile van moves around the city and travels long distances throughout the day to optimise the outreach of your brand. Our vans can cover the entire city during the day.
  4. Cost-Effective Mobile Van and Canter Advertising Packages: While a hoarding in the prime area of your city may cost you a lot of money, our mobile vans pass through various prime locations, and still cost you way lesser than hoarding that may limit you to only a few places.
  5. Advertising Packages Affordable for every Business: We have a range of flexible and cost-effective advertisement packages that suit the needs of every business, and help businesses of varying sizes advertise their brand.
  6. Product and Roadshow Advertising for your Product: Our team of experienced advertising professionals can give a demo or conduct a road show of your product if you choose to avail the service. It helps your target audience understand your product better.
  7. Maximum Visibility through our Mobile Van Advertising Service: Our vans pass through various residential and commercial areas of the city. Hence, people from different age groups and walks of life watch your ad. It helps create maximum visibility for your product.
  8. Research-Based and Data-Driven Advertising Approach: We don’t just advertise, but also help you strategise your product reach. Besides, advertising, we offer other services such as market research and enhance your advertisement on the creative front as well. These factors make a comprehensive advertising agency.

So, connect with us, if you want to promote your brand through mobile van activity advertising campaigns, and make it a household name.