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Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Delhi, NCR

Auto Rickshaw advertising across India - Prajapati Advertising
Auto Rickshaw advertising across India – Prajapati Advertising

Scale Up your Brand Outreach with Prajapati’s Auto Rickshaw Advertising Services in Delhi

With a population of over 25 million, Delhi is one of the largest and most populous cities in India. The city is home to over 150,000 auto rickshaws. These auto rickshaws travel across various parts of the city, thereby proving a critical medium of advertising for brands trying to create a hyperlocal reach cost-effectively. Besides, the fact that these auto rickshaws operate almost 24/7 gives companies the optimal visibility advantage.

Auto rickshaws give you the number advantage. The higher the number of auto-rickshaws you choose to advertise, the broader your outreach, and the more your brand visibility. Managing such a large advertising volume requires you to partner with the best auto rickshaw advertising agency, which is where Prajapati Advertising steps into the picture. Prajapati helps you optimize the benefits of auto rickshaw advertising in Delhi!

Benefits of Auto Branding in Delhi

Auto branding in Delhi, especially with an advertising partner like Prajapati Advertising, helps you maximize the advantages of auto rickshaw advertising and take your brand advertisement to an entirely new level. Some of the benefits of auto branding in Delhi include the following.

  • Optimized hyperlocal advertising
  • Cost-effective
  • Citywide brand outreach
  • Maximum brand visibility
  • Opportunity to take the brand to every corner of the city
  • Target masses as well as premium audience
  • Long-term brand building
  • Short-term performance benefits.

Prajapati Advertising – The Best Auto Rickshaw Advertising Agency in Delhi

Prajapati Advertising is the leading auto rickshaw advertising agency in Delhi. We are a team of some of the best and most passionate advertising professionals. We offer the best auto rickshaw advertising services in Delhi.

Our end-to-end auto branding services in Delhi include auto branding strategy, creating auto advertising graphics, and putting them up on various auto rickshaws throughout the city, or within the target area, depending on your requirement. We handle a diverse product and service advertisement portfolio, which makes us one of the most reliable and best auto branding agencies in Delhi.

At Prajapati, we have long-running contacts with various auto rickshaw stands across various parts of Delhi, including New Delhi, Northeast Delhi, Northwest Delhi, South West Delhi, South East Delhi, South Delhi, North Delhi, East Delhi, West Delhi, and many others. Our associates spread across all these regions help us execute your auto rickshaw advertising campaign promptly and effectively.

How does Auto Rickshaw Advertising Delhi with Prajapati Work?

If you are planning to leverage auto rickshaw advertising to promote your brand, products, and services in Delhi, partner with Prajapati. It is because our execution is quick, and our booking terms and conditions and process are extremely straightforward. Here’s how you go about auto ads in Delhi with Prajapati.

  • Advertising Options: We offer two advertising options for auto branding in Delhi. It includes the cost-effective smaller stickers and the durable larger ad banners, both of which, optimize brand outreach.
  • Targeting: Through our citywide contacts and relations with various auto rickshaw stands in Delhi, we help you target a particular area through auto rickshaws to the highest possible extent.
  • Minimum Number of Auto Rickshaws: We require a minimum advertising order of 50 auto rickshaws for a minimum duration of one month.
Auto Rickshaw Back Panel Advertising
Why Choose Prajapati Advertising for Advertisement on Auto Rickshaws in Delhi

Prajapati Advertising is the best for auto rickshaw advertising in Delhi. Some of the reasons that make us the best auto rickshaw advertising services in Delhi include the following.

  1. Auto Rickshaw Advertising Strategy: Our expert advertising consultants devise a workable auto ads strategy to help you create optimal outreach for your brand and create value from the money you invest in advertising with us. We offer appropriate advice on the most suitable routes and areas, depending on your product and service, to help you make the most from auto advertising in Delhi.
  2. Range of Auto Rickshaw Banner Sizes: We provide auto rickshaw banners of varying sizes, depending on your requirement and budget. It helps you save cost and increase brand visibility.
  3. Auto Rickshaw Advertising Cost in Delhi: We offer some of the most auto rickshaw advertising packages in Delhi. It helps you reach a higher number of prospects at a comparatively lower price than other mediums.
  4. Auto Rickshaw Stand Contacts: Our associates and contacts are spread across the entire city. It includes auto rickshaw stands throughout Delhi. We work with trustworthy resources that help us execute auto ads campaigns effectively and quickly for our clients, regardless of the volume of the advertisement. Besides, they help you increase the scope of your outreach through auto ads in Delhi.
  5. Qualified and Experienced Advertising Professionals, and Extensive Network: While with Prajapati, you work with a team that understands your brand’s advertising needs and demands. We’ve handpicked our team members based on their experience, advertising expertise, and dedication towards fulfilling customer commitments. Our employees and resources are result-oriented, and this approach of ours reflects through every stage of the execution of the advertising campaigns.
Auto Rickshaw Hood Advertising Sizes in Delhi
Auto RIckshaw hood Sizes
Auto Rickshaw Advertising Cost in Delhi

rickshaw basis. For larger orders, we offer even more competitive and discounted auto rickshaw advertising rates. Connect with us for more information on our auto rickshaw advertising prices in Delhi

Prajapati’s Process Flow of Auto Advertising in Delhi

Our process flow is straightforward yet effective. It includes the following steps.

Step 1: Strategizing, Planning, and Auto Rickshaw Availability Check: It includes crafting a customized auto ads strategy, planning the campaign, selecting the number of auto-rickshaws, types of auto rickshaw ads, etc.

Step 2: Creating the Graphics and Advance Payment: We employ our graphic designers to create an optimally visible ad. If the clients have the creative ready, they need to submit it to us to print it. Besides, this step also involves submitting the proforma invoice with the final cost and collecting advance payment.

Step 3: Campaign Execution: This step involves seeking the client’s approval on the creative, printing it, and putting it up on the stipulated number of auto rickshaws.

Connect with us at +91 99 22 138 138 for more details on how partnering with us can benefit your brand through an advertisement on an auto rickshaw in Delhi.

 Is auto rickshaw branding in Delhi a cost-effective advertising option?

Yes, it is relatively more cost-effective than other forms of advertising. Hence, brands with a tight budget, but looking forward to creating an optimal outreach can choose auto rickshaw advertising in Delhi.

Who must choose auto branding, Delhi?

Companies that wish to create a hyperlocal reach, focusing on short-term performance, long-term brand building, premium, and citywide outreach through a cost-effective advertising option, must choose auto branding.

How long does it take to confirm the availability of auto-rickshaws across the city?

Usually, it takes around 5-6 hours to confirm the availability of auto rickshaws for branding across the city. Although yes, Prajapati does its best to confirm availability in the shortest possible time.