Radio Advertising

A lot of people on the road find themselves humming along to a radio jingle even without realizing that it is an advertisement. Radio advertising is similar to TV advertising where advertisers buy commercials or radio spots to promote their services of products. For a radio station to broadcast a commercial to their audience, an advertiser must pay for airtime.

Just the same way there is a variety of print advertising options; there are several ways in which advertisement can be done on radio.

Types of Radio Advertising

There are three main types of radio advertising that you can choose from depending on the type of message you want to pass across and your brand.

  1. Producer spot–this can either be your advertisement being directly read by one voice or multiple voices, or a small captivating song about your business (jingle). Most of these advertisements are for telling listeners where your company is located or sometimes just passing information, or comic to your listener to get them more connect with you.
  2. Sponsorship–A lot of radio stations in Pune implement sponsorship for some types of radio segment like halftime of a big game, sports, weather or traffic. Sponsorship advertisement will begin by “This traffic update is brought to you by XXX…”
  3. Live Read–this is where a commercial is read in real-time online by a radio announcer. In most cases, the advertisement is done by a popular on-air host since it is believed that the voice of such a host will be more compelling to his listeners or fans.

Advantages of Radio Advertising

With the developments in technology that have led to smartphone music applications, satellite radio, and personal mp3 gadgets, some people are of the opinion that radio advertising is the least effective form of advertising. Yet this advertising will not fade away anytime in the near future. Benefits of radio advertising include:

  • Affordable–buying spots on a local radio will cost you less than when purchasing a spot on TV or implementing a social media campaign.
  • Reaching the right audience–our radio media advertising specialists know the exact audience that they are reaching out to. This means our advertising will be tailor-made for those specific listeners.
  • Mobile–radio advertising goes everywhere since the listener can be on the highway or at home and still listen to it.

An effective radio advert should have a simple message that is easy for the listener to grasp and take a call to action. At Prajapati Advertising, we have a specialist in radio advertising who will design your radio advert in a compelling manner.

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