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Wall Painting Advertisement

What is Wall Painting Branding?

Wall painting branding, or wall painting advertising, is a conventional form of promoting products. Typically, wall paint advertisements involve painting product information, product image, the endorser’s or the brand ambassador’s image, the product’s tagline, the dealer names wherein the product is available, etc. on a widespread wall, wherein the advertisement remains visible for the onlookers.

At Prajapati Advertising, we are a trusted wall painting advertising agency in India. With us, You leverage wall painting advertising benefits, including increased awareness, better visibility, and cost savings. We offer wall painting advertising in various cities and villages in India and that too in a cost-effective manner. Our nationwide advertisement professionals network provides prompt and efficient wall painting advertisements.

Types of Wall Painting

  1. Rural Wall Painting

Rural wall painting involves creating paintings on various walls across rural regions of the country. Rural wall paintings make use of vibrant colors to ensure optimal visibility and create maximum brand awareness. Besides, the advertisements are made and painted to attract the attention of the rural population and resonate with their needs, thus making every effort to enhance the company’s rural branding.

  • Highway Wall Painting

As the name suggests, highway wall painting is another effective advertisement targeting onlookers traveling via highways and roads. It includes creating wall paintings on building walls, compounds, office walls, company walls, etc. running alongside the highway and proximal enough to create visibility.

  • Dealer Shop Wall Painting

Dealer shop wall painting is a traditional form of advertisement. It comprises painting the dealer’s shop’s shutter with the brand’s name, logo, colors, and tagline. It works in multiple ways. First, it creates brand awareness, promotes the dealer’s shop wherein prospects get to know about the dealer’s presence in their city, and increases the brand’s visibility.

  • Urban Wall Painting

Urban wall painting advertising is a popular medium of wall painting branding. It includes promoting brands, products, and services by painting walls across the country’s urban areas. Urban wall painting advertising demands quick execution to ensure competence, branding in prime locations of the city, and ensuring that the advertisement is as visible and eye-catching enough to attract the busy urban crowd’s attention.

Advantages of Wall Painting Branding

The wall painting brand is also leveraged by many popular global brands. Global beauty products, cement brands, real estate companies, automobile brands, etc. advertise their products and services on rural and urban walls. This indicates the popularity and significance of wall painting advertisements in the advertising world. Some of the benefits of wall painting advertising with Prajapati Advertising include the following.

  • Wall paintings are attractive and attention-grabbing.
  • Wall painting advertisements increase brand awareness.
  • The use of vibrant and shiny colors makes the advertisement stand out.
  • The advertisement remains visible 24/7. It creates a repetition effect.
  • Brand exposure remains consistent
  • The wall space isn’t shared by any other brand. It remains exclusively yours until your ad stays there.
  • Appropriate placement can help improve brand visibility and increase the number of prospects.

Some of the exclusive benefits of wall painting advertisement with Prajapati Advertising include prompt execution of the advertising campaign, widespread and nationwide contacts with the concerned municipal and panchayat authorities, and a team of qualified and customer-centric advertising professionals. These factors make Prajapati the best wall painting advertising agency in India and your campaign an effective one!

Wall Painting Advertising Rates

At Prajapati Advertising, we offer the most competitive wall painting advertising rates. Our rates start from INR 7 per square foot.

Where do we do Wall Painting in India?

Our contacts and associates are spread across the country to help you advertise your brand in multiple cities. It includes Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Indore, and Nagpur.

So, partner with Prajapati – the best wall painting advertising agency in India for the best wall painting brand services and optimize the benefits of wall painting for your brand.