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Bus Advertising in Pune

Advertise your Brand with the Best Advertising Agency in Pune | Reach Out to your Target Audience with the Best Bus Advertisement in Pune

Bus advertisement has been here for over 6-7 decades, right from the 50s and 60s to the present day. It is one of the oldest forms of advertising, and one of the most effective as buses reach various parts of the city, move around for over 20 hours a day, and carry millions of people.

Buses constitute an essential part of the public transport infrastructure of Pune as well. Daily, millions of people travel to the workplace, homes, shops, colleges, and schools in buses that reach the farthest corners of the city, and beyond.

Buses in Pune cover a large area in Pune. Right from Wadgaon towards the western part of the city, Rajgurunagar in the north, Khed Shivapur in the south, and Shikrapur in the east, buses in Pune cover hundreds of kilometers.

In Pune, approximately 2000 buses operate with around 3000 schedules and makeover 21,000 trips every day for 1.2 million passengers. These numbers indicate the significance of bus transport in Pune, and why bus branding in Pune proves crucial from the viewpoint of increasing brand outreach across the city.

Some of the benefits of bus advertising in Pune include

  • Large, visible, and eye-catching boards of varying sizes
  • Your brand reaches different parts of the city, wherever the bus travels.
  • Millions see your ad of people throughout the city
  • Your brand ad is visible for over 20 hours every day
  • You can display your ad on both sides, at the rear end, and inside the bus.

As one of the leading bus advertising agencies in Pune, at Prajapati Advertising, we offer full bus and side panel bus branding across various target areas for your brand, products, and services. We’ve got contacts throughout various bus depots in Pune, which helps you optimize and leverage bus branding in Pune to reach not only commuters but also residents and onlookers across Pune.

Here are some reasons why you must choose Prajapati Advertising advertisement on buses in Pune.

  1. Best Bus Advertising Rates in Pune: We offer the best bus branding cost in Pune to ensure we match your budget, and also help your products and services reach its target audience.
  2. Bus Depot Contacts: We’ve got contacts with every bus depot in Pune Maharashtra and Pimpri Chinchwad. It helps us put up your ad on every bus that travels across various areas, and routes. Besides, it also enables you to increase your brand visibility.
  3. Bus Ad Banners of Varying Sizes: We offer bus ad boards of varying sizes to ensure the desired visibility and match your advertising budget.
  4. Bus Advertising Strategy: We aren’t just advertisers but also strategic experts that help you with an appropriate bus advertising strategy to help you reach your target audience by advertising your products and services and various routes throughout the city.
  5. Qualified and Customer-Oriented Advertising Professionals: We’ve got a team of skilled, customer-oriented, and dedicated advertising professionals that offer the best advertisement on buses in Pune. Our staff members are prompt and result-oriented to help you achieve the desired results in the form of citywide outreach.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Who is the provider of bus advertising in Pune?

Prajapati Advertising, one of the leading advertisement companies in Pune, provides the best and the most comprehensive bus branding services in Pune. The company, over the years, has gained the reputation of being the best company for bus branding in Pune. It continues to work with a range of clients across business domains, and is known for its widespread contacts, and innovative bus advertising strategies helping its clients achieved the desired results.

2.What are the sizes for bus advertisement in Pune?

The sizes are, Back Side – 7’X2′ / 4’X3′ Bus Left Panel – 14’X2′ Right Side Panel – 20’X2′.

3. Do the bus advertising rates include bus ad printing, and vinyl wraps?

 Yes, the rates include the cost of bus ad printing, and vinyl wraps.

4. Can you extend the duration of bus media campaign in between?

Yes, Prajapati Advertising can increase the duration of bus media campaign, based on the client’s requirement. However, the client needs to sign a one-month contract.

5. What are the different types of bus advertising media you have for bus advertisement in Pune?

The different types of bus advertising media include bus panel, solus that involves a complete bus wrap using vinyl, and bus shelter advertising.

6. Is it possible to decide the bus route, or bus depot?

Prajapati Advertising offers services across various depots. It includes Pune, Kothrud, Swargate, Hadapsar, Katraj, Marketyard, Pune Municipal Corporation, Pimpri, Nigdi, Bhosari, and many others.

If you are looking forward to the best advertising company in Pune for the best bus branding, bus advertising rates, connect with Prajapati Advertising and give your brand the outreach it deserves.