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The Art of Storytelling: Engaging Outdoor Ad Campaigns in India

Storytelling is considered one of the best forms of marketing. It is more persuasive, memorable, and therefore much more effective than other forms of advertising. However, storytelling has to be engaging enough to keep onlookers hooked on an advertisement. So, what makes an outdoor storytelling ad campaign so compelling? Prajapati Advertising, a trusted outdoor advertising company in India, looks at six elements of an engaging outdoor advertising campaign.

Making a Storytelling Outdoor Ad Campaign More Immersive – 6 Must-Have Elements

From engaging visuals to an encouraging call to action, here are six elements every storytelling outdoor ad campaign should have.

  1. Attractive Visuals

Visuals quickly catch the attention of every onlooker. Hence, outdoor campaigns should feature attractive visuals related to the storyline. Besides, it should be remembered that outdoor campaigns have limited time to capture the viewer’s attention. Hence, the hoarding or any other medium used should have visuals with prominent color, fonts, and superior graphics to look prominent and drive attention.

  • Emotional Connection

Emotions are fundamental to stories. Hence, your story should evoke emotions with which the audiences relate. Whether you want to generate comedy, be moralistic, inspire people, or make them introspect, your story should trigger emotions that bring them closer to the brand and encourage them to interact with it.

  • Concise Messaging

Of course, you cannot create long stories. When it comes to outdoor advertising, you’d have a line or two to convey a story and perhaps, even an even smaller space to convey the message. Here, you’d need an expert outdoor advertising company in India with the experience and creativity that connect with the audience in as few words as possible.

  • Curiosity and Surprise

Generating curiosity and driving surprise isn’t straightforward. It takes investing a lot of thought and thinking about innovative ways to engage the audience. One of the ways of doing it is by adding unexpected or unique elements that can make an onlooker wonder and make an impression. It could be an intelligent, yet twist that’s easy to understand for the audience within a second or two. The purpose is to make the campaign effective and memorable for the target audience.

  • A Storyline

Creating a storyline is as challenging as twisting it. But it is another significant element of every outdoor advertising campaign. However, the storyline should be concise, yet gripping enough to catch the viewer’s attention.

  • Call to Action

Call to action takes the conversation ahead. Hence, every storyline should have a call to action that helps the interaction progress. It could encourage the viewer to visit the website, scan the QR code, follow the brand’s social media, explore the offerings, or buy them. However, the CTA should be convincing and clear enough to drive action. Are you looking to leverage storytelling to create buzz about your brand? Partner with Prajapati Advertising, an outdoor advertising company in India with a difference. Our creative strategies and exemplary execution abilities make us a prudent choice for all types of outdoor advertising, including hoardings, bus stops, auto-rickshaws, railway stations, mobile vans, etc. Call us at +91 99 22 138 138 to explore more about outdoor advertising campaigns and support.

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