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Connecting with Culture: Influential Local Themes for Indian Outdoor Ads

Leveraging culture as a medium to create an emotional connection is traditional. However, with time and experience, advertisers worldwide have explored it in various ways, helping brands become household names. No wonder many jewelry brands, food and beverage enterprises, automobile companies, etc., create a cultural and emotional appeal in their marketing communication and strengthen their brand position.

However, what are the different themes that can help brands use the cultural medium optimally? As an advertising company in Pune with more than a decade of experience, we’ve identified five of them in this blog.

5 Influential Cultural Themes for Indian Outdoor Advertisements

Here’s how brands, with the help of an outdoor advertising company in India, can capitalize on the cultural aspect through outdoor advertisements.

  1. Indian Festivals

Festivals are amongst the most commonly used elements within Indian culture for advertisements. India is known for its vibrant festive culture that involves celebrating every festival with zeal. Brands often capitalize on these festivals and incorporate elements like togetherness, joy, unity, etc., to connect with people emotionally and get them closer to their brand.

  • Family Values

Indian culture values people. Hence, the family holds special significance in it. Brands often integrate elements like family values like respect, love, affection, togetherness, etc., to strike a chord amongst their target audiences. For instance, beverage brands scale up their advertising efforts during festivals and major events like cricket match finals, etc., They use family values, particularly togetherness and unity, and relate it with their products or offerings to make the most from such events.

  • Cultural Diversity

India has been known for its cultural diversity for centuries. Accordingly, many brands highlight the country’s diversity in their outdoor advertisements to create an appeal amongst people from various cultural and religious backgrounds. It helps them target multiple target audiences and promote their brand as something that brings people together and unites the nation.

  • Bollywood and Entertainment

Bollywood is an integral part of Indian culture. Hindi movies, songs, famous dialogues, instances, etc., influence every Indian’s routine life. Hence, Bollywood, or even regional cinema, for that matter, cannot be ignored while creating outdoor advertisements. Using elements from them grabs attention and makes the advertisement more relatable for the onlooker. The result is potentially higher engagement and a better response from the target audience.

  • Regional Identities

Along with a national identity, every Indian has a regional identity of which they are proud. Outdoor advertisements can use that as a medium to connect with their regional audience. They can do so through languages, landmarks, traditions, attire, delicacies, etc., and engage with the regional audiences.

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