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5 Quick Tips to Choose an SEO Company in Pune

Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO, is done with a pretty straightforward objective. It is to rank a particular website on the topmost pages of Google search results for a specific search query.  However, technically, SEO isn’t as straightforward as its objective. It takes time, consistent efforts, and competitor and user-specific strategies to help a brand rank high. But what you also need along with these factors is a professional SEO company in Pune that helps you achieve your objectives.

Honestly, you search for an SEO company in Pune, and you’ll get thousands of results. But how do you know whether it is best suited to your needs? These five tips can help.

5 Factors to Consider While Choosing an SEO Company in Pune

From experience to technical expertise and strategic intellect, you must evaluate your prospective SEO service provider on the following factors.

  1. Technical Expertise

One of the first things you want to evaluate is the SEO expertise of the company. To do so, check out the company’s past SEO performance and the results it delivered to its clients.  Do they know the latest algorithm changes? How well do they know the various SEO tools in the market? Are they well-versed with SEO best practices? You must ask these questions and assess the company’s response.

  • SEO Experience

SEO experience also matters. Work with an SEO company in Pune that is experienced enough to handle the complexities of your SEO expectations. Preferably, work with an agency that has SEO experience with your kind of business. You may want to run a Proof of Concept (PoC) to see how the company responds to your SEO expectations and what kind of strategies it devises to fulfill them.

  • Market Reputation

Connect with the company’s old clients and existing customers. Know how the company has performed while working with them and how happy they were with its results. If any one of them has stopped working with the company, try and find out the reasons. As for the existing clients, check if they are satisfied with the results, do they have any service issues, etc. to evaluate the agency better.

  • Access to SEO Tools and Technologies

If not all, the company must have access to at least a few SEO tools and technologies. Some of the most common ones include Ahrefs, Google Search Console, SEMRush, Moz Pro, and Ubersuggest. Again, only access won’t do. The company must have proven proficiency and extensive experience in handling SEO by leveraging these tools appropriately and delivering results.

  • SEO Strategies

SEO is a highly intricate area that demands looking at every SEO requirement individually. The one size fits all approach doesn’t necessarily work here. For instance, the way to high rankings for a fashion boutique may differ from that for a financial consultant. Both would require unique content and SEO strategy to stand out from the crowd. Your prospective SEO company must know these differences.

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