About Us

Prajapati Advertising is a purposeful advertising agency located in Pune, India. We specialize in all types of branding aimed at resulting in high conversion rates for small, medium and large businesses of today. Our brand building solutions are a powerful blend of digital and conventional solutions that help brands adapt to trending technologies and highly transforming market paradigms and consequently reinvent themselves.

Prajapati Advertising main aim is to provide cutting-edge ideas to conceptualize, develop, consolidate, rejuvenate, expand and sustain 21st-century businesses and enable them to engage their customers and maintain an advantage in the competitive business world.


To be the ultimate communication partner to clients and work with them towards building unique brands that will attract, nurture and sustain the 21st-century consumer.


To employ the best technologies, minds, practices, and systems through a wholesome communication approach, take time to understand each client’s unique needs and requirements and to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Our Team

Prajapati Advertising is composed of a team of experts in different fields, each passionate about their work. We work by pooling our ideas together and carry out each project like an event. We believe that like fingers in a hand, we are all co-dependent on each other if we want to produce unique results. Our hardworking SEO executives, up-to-date Social Media experts, trained and loyal account managers and creative designers and visualizers will always work together to ensure the project is completed within the deadline and budget.

We examine your business and every single factor that affects your brand and boost it using the right communication. Prajapati Advertising is amongst Pune’s leading independent full-service advertising agency with a substantial reputation and wide capability. The one thing that makes us unique is our insistence on facts, simplicity, and relevance.

Our Customers

We treat all our projects uniquely and give them the complete attention that they deserve. We have a variety of customers from small business (starters), medium-sized businesses, and large businesses. We offer advertising services for businesses in all market sectors including education, health, retail, IT, among others.

We believe that for any advertisement product to command the attention of a prospective buyer, it must be consumed at face value. We have a team of talented illustrators who will ensure that the advertisement product you choose is created in a visually impactful manner.

We have a range of advertising products that we offer at a competitive price. Click on Service to see what product will best suit your needs.