TV Advertising

Advertising through television and other electronic media still remains one of the most effective ways of reaching out to a targeted Indian audience.

What is TV Advertising?

TV advertising is basically showing ads during commercial breaks on TV channels. The TV is one of the most popular gadgets of communication and entertainment in the 21st-century world.

Electronic media advertising in Pune

At $4.2 billion and TV revenues expected to hit $18 billion by 2020, India has the third-largest pay-TV market in the world today. At least 185 million homes in India own a TV. Moreover, there is at least 120 million television penetration level in homes. The Indian television industry has realized a steady growth over the years and is expected to boom in the next few years.

Homes with TVs in Pune have access to more than 700 TV channels. This growth has led to broadcasters slashing off advertising rates by a wide margin in order to concentrate on improving the technology.

Although a reduction in advertising rates is a big benefit to businesses who want to use this channel for marketing purposes, it poses a huge challenge to advertising agencies since they must optimize their ads to be captivating enough for viewers.

The advertising rates for TV ads in Pune are mostly determined by the popularity of the TV channel. If the channel is influential and has a wider national rich, it will demand a higher advertising rate compared with advertising in the local channels. The price of an ad will also depend on how long the ad will show; the longer the TV ads the more money you will pay.

Prajapati advertising can help you on maximizing the ROI on your TV advertising investment. We will comprehensively analyze your services/product portfolio, examine the demographics of your target audience and their TV viewing habits and then select for you the best options for channels to advertise in.

Why Choose Prajapati Advertising For Your TV Ads?

The journey of Prajapati advertising has been that of symbiotic growth which has culminated in expansion, stature, and success. Most of our customers have been with us from the onset because they believe in us and have benefited from our constant delivery of quality content.

We have succeeded in establishing many companies as unique brands through providing tailor-made communication and marketing services.  In addition to TV advertising, we also offer other result-proven advertising services such as auto rickshaw advertising in Pune and bust stop advertising. We will make sure that we customize your advertising according to your needs, requirements, and budget.

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