Roll Up Standee

The demand for roll up standee or roll-up banner media printing in Pune has increased within the last years mostly because of its ability to display messages from far off. Banners are an attention magnet especially in large events, trade shows, and promotion in retail stores, product launch and exhibitions.

With the entry of the pull-up portable banner stands, advertising using roll up standee has been made easy and more efficient. Businesses in Pune looking for a way to increase their profit margins can come to us at Prajapati Advertising for roll up standee advertisements.

Types of roll-up standee and printing service

We offer a wide range of roll-up standee banners and pull-up display stands. The most popular of our products is the retractable manner which is hassle free and easy to use in conferences, trade shows, and other big one-time events. We also offer pull out banners which is a professional banner that can be used in many presentations and meetings. These are loved for their ability to survive even strong winds and hostile weather conditions.

Roll-up standee banners can boost the success of your business

Roll-up standee banners are normally placed on stands with a recoil mechanism. This makes it possible for the banner to rewind into the base and enable easy transportation and advertisement in different locations. The banner is slim, retractable and portable making it an ideal banner in cases that require a portable banner.

At Prajapati Advertising, we offer a matte finish for roll-up standee banners. This not only increases the outward look of the banner without using any special equipment, it also helps in reducing sunlight glares. We provide different choices of roll-up banners depending on your mode and taste. Our aim is to give you the best print quality at the most pocket-friendly prices.

Color, Size, and Design

Prajapati Advertising offers a portable, easy-to-handle and freestanding display system. We offer a variety of print solutions and creative design to cater for your needs. Our roll-up standee banners are lightweight yet sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. We will design creative images and write the most eye-catching messages for your customer base. We have professional banner designers who will brainstorm the most creative ideas and stickers for use in your marketing campaign. We also choose the best font type and color in order for you to make the best impression of your business to potential clients.

Cost and Satisfaction Guarantee

We will do our best to understand your unique requirements and needs and translate them into the best possible printed products. We will use an ultra-smooth vinyl PVC sign material to ensure there is no curve at the edge of your banner.

Roll-up standee banners are available in different sizes of 1500mm x 2000mm, 1200mm x 2000mm, 1000mm x 2000mm, 850mm x 2000mm, and also customized sizes.

Prajapati Advertising is your one-stop provider of printing and other advertisement products all under one roof.

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