Newspaper Advertising India

Newspaper advertising involves a print ad which runs in daily or weekly, local or national news publications.

Newspaper advertising in India is a top preference for businesses in India as it has been for many years. Advertisements on newspapers can achieve more than simply displaying an item on sale, they can pull new customers and ensure a business also maintains repeat customers.

In India, Newspaper advertising is a good way of reaching the elderly population group who prefer reading news in a traditional manner than through modern ways like the internet. This form of advertising is highly flexible. For example, you can target your ad to the appropriate market by having your ad printed on the section that is most associated with the target group.

What is the cost of newspaper advertising in India?

Newspaper advertising is charged based on factors such as the size of the ad(s), type of publication, the section that you want your ad in, the frequency of advertisement and the colors in the ad. At Prajapati Advertising, we have established connections with major newspapers in India which gives us an advantage when it comes to price negotiation. Our print media advertising specialists will help you design your ad in a way that it’s extremely compelling but of reasonable size.

We recommend that you sign a monthly contract with us if you want a regular advertisement with a daily newspaper such as The Times of India, Hindustan Times or The Hindu. Paying for cumulative advertising is much more economical than paying for a onetime advertising spot on a local daily.

If you find that your budget cannot accommodate mainstream advertising in the dailies, we can secure for you a slot in the local sections that most of the dailies offer subscribers. This is like a tabloid section that is run weekly or bi-weekly.

Which Formula Is Use In Sizing Newspaper Ads?

There is a set formula for sizing newspaper as. This is usually a certain number of columns and a set number of inches long. To determine the cost of the ad, the number of inches is multiplied by the number of columns and as usual, the rate will mostly depend on the popularity of the newspaper.

Tricks We Use for Newspaper Advertising in India

  • We ensure consistency of your newspaper ad with the other forms of advertising done for your business
  • We print a URL at the end of the advertisement to redirect readers to your website.
  • We place coupon or other promotional items on the advertisement.

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