Magazine Advertising

Magazine advertising in India gives almost a similar product as bus shelter advertising in the sense that the ads are usually big glossy publications. This type of advertising, however, is most successful if your business runs in Pune. Advertising a business that runs in Mumbai in a magazine that is circulated in Pune is like using bus shelter advertising in Mumbai for a business that’s in Pune.

What is the difference between newspaper advertising and magazine advertising?

Both newspaper and magazine advertising are categorized as print media marketing. However, newspapers are mostly huge publications that are sold nationally while magazines are regional and smaller publications.  In essence, these two forms of advertisement are the same except that they focus on different demographics and regions.

Which is better between newspaper and magazine advertising?

There is no one form of advertising that can be said to be better than the other since the success of any advertising campaign depends on the strategies used. Like bus shelter advertising in Mumbai, magazine advertising should be targeted to a specific consumer audience. Another feature of magazine advertising that it takes directly from bus shelter advertising is being attractive. A magazine is mostly bought by a specific group or class of people. If it’s a beauty magazine, for instance, your audience will be women. The ad should thus be attractive enough to warrant the attention of the readers.

An advantage that magazines have over newspapers in their longer shelf-life compared to that of newspapers. Monthly magazines, for instance, are mostly browsed through even months after publication. This means the ad you place will have viewership for even up to size months before the magazine becomes stale. To add to this, readers of magazines always spend their time on content which increases the chances of your ad being noticed.

When buying a space in a publication, we normally look at five main important factors:

  1. How wide does the magazine circulate?
  2. What is the readers’ demographics?
  • What is the frequency of the magazine publication?
  1. What is the mode of distribution of the magazine?
  2. What are the monthly or yearly special sectors or themes of the magazine?

Magazine advertising in Pune is made more affordable by the fact that users are given a chance to save by running an ad in more than one issue of the magazine. At Prajapati Advertising, we will seek out publications that are most appropriate for your advertising needs and requirements.

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