In Shop Branding

Our In Shop Branding Services are customized according to a client’s requirements and needs. We work with experts who are knowledgeable of the fact that in-shop branding is a vital factor for any business that aims at increasing its sales. Because of this, every minute detail of your branding will be put into consideration right from the planning to the execution phase. We also ensure that every detail that our clients provide is included. By working with us you can be certain of:

• Economic services
• On-time execution
• Careful planning

We offer a wide range of In Shop Branding Solutions through solvent and ECO-solvent printing, and digital printing. These are branding techniques that have been proven to enhance your brand’s visibility when you market your business services or products inside already established shops. Our product range for in-shop branding includes:

• Banners
• Dealer boards
• Posters
• Counter Top Displays
• Wall Painting
• Cutouts
• Floor Standing Unit

In Shop Branding Increases Brand Identity

It has been proven that over 60 percent of customers in Pune care more about a brand than price. By branding your retail business, you will be distinguishing it from other competitors. This is, therefore, more of necessities than an opportunity since most experts agree that a brand identity will directly contribute to increased sales.

Having your brand displayed in shops broadens its exposure and helps potential customers to start identifying more with you. Some of the strategies we use to ensure that brand identity works for your business include:

i. Consistency-we will work with you to design a logo for your business. The logo will have the same font, look and feel of every single branding product. This will help consumers to be able to identify and interact more effortlessly with your brand in stores, social media and even on print media.

ii. Color Scheme-There are certain colors that have been found to be more captivating to consumers. If a customer walks into a shop and sees red, they will not be able to take their eyes off without reading the message. Small, medium and big retailers can use color to establish a brand identity. Colors have a psychological impact on consumers and that’s why we emphasize on businesses choosing the right colors.

Red, for example, brings about some excitement and a feeling of youthfulness. If you are in the health and wellness industry, you can go for color green, which is associated with feelings of calm, balance, health and peace. Purple is associated with creativity whereas blue mostly indicates trust. At Prajapati advertising, we will help you choose the right color to work as your identity and give the impression you want your consumers to have.

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