Electronic Media Advertising

Electronic media is any storage media or broadcast that uses electronic technology. These include Tapes, DVD, DC-ROM, Radio and the Internet among others.

At Prajapati Advertising, we believe that effective advertising is a core requirement in branding your business. The best advertising strategies can help your business soar above competitors. With this in mind, Prajapati Advertising promises to be your best partner for targeted electronic media advertising solutions.

Our core competencies at Prajapati Advertising are print, digital, visual and electronic media. With a highly dedicated team of professionals, we will tailor your advertising requirements and needs to your satisfaction. In spite of the high competition in the advertising industry in Pune, we have slowly managed to carve out a niche for ourselves through the provision of quality services.

Our Electronic Media Advertising Products

TV Ads/ Films

We offer a comprehensive advertising support for television which includes TV commercials and product promotion advertisements among others. We are also a reputable creator and distributor or corporate films.

Radio Advertisement

If you come to Prajapati Advertising for tailor-made radio advertising, expect us to conceptualize, design and develop a compelling radio ad that will result in a high ROI. Our expert advertising professionals create jingles and radio advert programs that will market your brand.

Website Development

Our highly skilled web designers and developers use the most modern and targeted web development strategies and projects which will help you have a more powerful presence in the virtual field.

Digital Media Promotion

Prajapati Advertising offers end-to-end digital media production, promotion, and distribution solutions. These will propel your business brand to the top of the professional world.

Social Media Advertising

Social media has become one of the most popular platforms for advertising due to the high traffic and numbers of people using this as a means of communication and advertisement. Social media advertising, also known as social networking advertising uses a variety of methods. This form of online advertising can be done in the form of display ads, paid search ads, among others.

Social media networks are capable of gathering a large network of user information and because of this social media advertising can target your audience in a wider variety of ways compared to other online platforms. This form of advertising also stretches beyond demographic and geographic limitations.

Electronic media advertising can be one of the cheapest ways of advertising but with the highest conversion rates. When done by professionals and strategically, this type of advertising can boost your sales within an impressively short time.

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