Auto Rickshaw Advertising Kolkata

Auto Rickshaw Advertising & Branding in Kolkata

This service has become a popular and innovative way of marketing products, services or events to clients. It gives businesses the luxury of promoting brands on a wider geographic area.

Auto rickshaw advertising involves using branded vehicles to spread the message about a business. Since vehicles move all around the town, putting your ad on an auto rickshaw is one of the best options for outdoor advertising. Auto rickshaw ads are cost viable and firs the budget for most businesses.

Auto rickshaw advertising in Kolkata can be done in three forms; using a flex board, with LED and without LED.

Auto Rickshaw Advertising Is What Your Business Needs in Kolkata

The streets of Kolkata and most other cities in the country are inundated with a slew of advertisements for one thing or another. As more advertisement mediums like posters and banners continue to flood the city, the impacts of these types of ads continue to decline since they become a regular.

Auto rickshaw advertising in Kolkata has become an innovative and catchy medium that has become highly effective in drawing the attention of the audience.

Auto Rickshaw is the most popular means of transportation in many cities in India, with an average auto said to cover about 150-200 km daily and 16-20 hours on the road. This means that any ad that is displayed on the hood or roof of an auto rickshaw will move to many residential colonies, crowded market areas, and high streets and capture hundreds or thousands of eyes every single day.

In auto rickshaw advertising, ads can be placed in 70 percent of the body of the auto (the inside panel on the back panel and 100 percent of the interior area). This makes a well-branded auto an effective and efficient mode of advertising.

Benefits of Auto Rickshaw Advertisement

Auto rickshaw advertisements are a wide reach and don’t require splurging fortunes of money making it a budget-friendly method of advertising.  Generally, an auto rickshaw will normally stay in one prime location searching for customers which means that your advertisement will get high exposure opportunity.

As the auto rickshaw moves, the pedestrian and the entire traffic become an audience for the advertisement. In busy crossings and traffic junctions where there is a slow pace, people will have enough time to read through your advertisement and put it in memory.

In order for auto rickshaw advertisement in Kolkata to be a success, there is a need for the ad to be artistically and professionally designed.

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