Ads on Auto Rickshaw Bangalore

Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Bangalore

Auto rickshaw advertising in Bangalore is very cost effective medium of advertising, through this method you can reach 1000s of potential customers and this can result in increased sales which is the purpose of the whole idea behind advertising. Auto branding is create highly branding awareness around the city. Prajapati advertising is one of the leading advertising agency for auto ads in Bangalore.

Details for Auto Rickshaw Branding

We Prajapati Advertising are prominent outdoor advertising company. That is very well known ad service provider in Bangalore City. We are leading Auto Rickshaw advertising agency Bangalore. We are in this business since 2012. If you are looking for affordable auto rickshaw advertising in Bangalore and want to engage the services of a company that is well versed in auto rickshaw advertising and can get your brand advertising space on auto rickshaws then you will find our services to be of the highest order.

Auto branding Bangalore Size :-

Auto branding Bangalore size given below:-

  • Auto rickshaw branding back panel

There is 2 sizes are mainly used that is slandered size.

Size 1. Auto back 2’X2′ & 1’5″H X2′.5″W

Size 2. Auto Back Panel 2’H X 2′.5″W

  • Auto Rickshaw Hood Advertising Bangalore

Auto Rickshaw hood medium is very popular advertise medium that bring maximum visibility. We are the manufacturer for auto rickshaw advertising for Bangalore, Karnataka India.

Size are given here:-

Back Side – 17″X40″

Left & Right Side – 17″X20″

Logo – 7″X24″

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Images For Auto branding in Bangalore

auto rickshaw advertising in Bangalore
Auto Rickshaw Advertising agency in Bangalore – Auto Ads Bangalore

Auto Rickshaw Advertising Rates for Bangalore City

here is details for Auto Rickshaw advertising rates for Bangalore City. Rates are given negotiable.

Auto Rickshaw Advertising Rates
S.No Media Type Quantity Size (A) Size (2) Rate/Unit
1 Auto Back Panel 500 2’X2′ 1′.5″X2′.5″ 185
2 Auto Back Panel 100 2’X2′ 1′.5″X2′.5″ 180
3 Auto Rickshaw hood 500 at the time of quotation 750
4 Auto Rickshaw hood 500 at the time of quotation 700
 Location for Auto Ads India

We Prajapati Advertising is leading auto branding agency in India. We cover major cities of India. We do auto ads India in given locations. We Do auto advertisement in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Indore, Delhi, Noida, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Vijaywada, Nashik, Nagpur, Chennai, Kanpur, Gaziyabad, Agra, Varanashi, Aurangabad,Ahmadabad , Satara 100+ Cities of India. Please do contact us for ads on auto rickshaw in India.

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